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James Lester Wolter
Granada’s Extraordinary Hero
James Lester Wolter
Grade school photograph from Granada High School

James L. Wolter was the only Vietnam War Veteran from Granada who lost his life during the war. He is also the very definition of the word Hero.  

The Short Range Reconnaissance Patrol set up their defensive position on January 7, 1969. The weather turned for the worse that evening. During the heavy rain and darkness, the enemy was able to cut the wires to the claymore mines the Patrol had set up earlier that day. Suddenly the team was pinned down under heavy fire which made it impossible for the patrol to return fire. During all the chaos the enemy approached Wolter and his comrades’ position. The enemy lobbed two grenades at them. Specialist Wolter saw the grenades and while warning the others he also shielded his buddies from the blasts. By this completely selfless act, Specialist James Lester Wolter saved the lives of his fellow patrol members. The President of the United States Posthumously awarded James Lester Wolter the Distinguished Service Cross.  

The above information was gathered and used by permission of Doug Sterner/

James Wolter was the seventh Martin County Minnesota Vietnam Veteran killed during that war.  


Captain Rollo C. Andross was killed in action on July 13, 1943 in the Southwest Pacific. An unidentified eyewitness gave this story of his death. Captain Andross and his company were ordered to take a hill under the command of the Japanese. Rollo and his orderly were well ahead of his company leading the attack. Suddenly they were confronted by three enemy soldiers. Capt. Andross took care of two soldiers while the orderly got the third Japanese soldier. Just as that was accomplished machine gun fire burst from the top of the hill. Capt. Andross suffered many gunshot wounds and died immediately. The orderly was extremely lucky that day, he only suffered two bullet holes to his clothing.  

Corporal Donald H. Abel was inducted on October 12, 1942. Donald came home twice on furlough while he was in training. During his second furlough is when he last saw his mother alive in March 1944. She passed away a few months later on September 22. His first action was during the Battle of Leyte and he credits his survival of that battle due to his disposal of five Japanese soldiers. Donald survived nine days of combat on Okinawa but he was killed in action on April 9, 1945. He achieved the rank of Corporal and was awarded the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster and the Purple Heart. 

James Edward Carroll was at Iwo Jima when he was killed on February 22, 1944. He was a Private First Class with four decorations. 

Sergeant Ray Davison was in the Army Air Force and died in a plane crash in Texas on October 6, 1943. 

Harold Ellis Hefler was killed at Absuciler, Germany on March 18, 1945. He received two decorations during his very short service of 7 months. He is interred in the United States Cemetery at St. Avold, France. 

Carl Emil Melby was wounded on July 11, 1944 at the Battle of St. Lo. He was awarded the Purple Heart along with his entire squad. He returned to active duty but was killed in the proverbial "somewhere in France" on November 10, 1944. He achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant and served 19 months. He received four decorations and is interred at Limey, France.  

Raymond L. Tonne was killed during the Battle of Hill 609 on April 8, 1943. He is buried at Le Kef, North Africa. 

George T. Winzenburg was born in Granada and moved to Fairmont at a young age. After a bombing raid over Muenster, Germany he was reported missing on November 5, 1943. He was listed as dead on August 25, 1945 and buried near Liege, Belgium in a United States Cemetery.  


The Flu Epidemic of 1918 was physically more disastrous to Granada Veterans than the war itself. Mr. Robinson and Mr. Rodewald were both in active duty when they both passed away from this epidemic. 

Ray William Robinson successfully enlisted on his third attempt. He was sent to Camp Grant and assigned to the 5th Co., 161st Depot Brigade. He died at Camp Grant on October 2, 1918 of influenza/pneumonia.  

Bert Dick Rodewald was inducted on June 25, 1918 and assigned to Co. C, 343rd Infantry, 86th Division at Camp Grant.  He made it to Liverpool England and died at Paignton, England on October 3, 1918.  The first American Legion in Granada was named after him. 

I sincerely regret any errors or omissions from this list of Granada Veterans who died while in active duty. I don’t believe there were any Granada veterans who died in the Spanish-American War.  

Comments, additions, or corrections are most welcome; please send to the Granada Historical Museum, PO Box 115, Granada, MN 56039 or email me. 

Below is a partial and uncorrected list of veterans who at one time called Granada (or the surrounding area) their home. The Privacy Act prevents me from getting an accurate list. Please contact me to correct any errors.

Granada War Veterans
Mexican War
Parker, Gideon
Civil War
Andross, Charles
Closs, David
DeGrush, William
Garrison, George
Hodgman, Amison
Parker, Gideon
True, Lewis F.
Wheeler, Edwin W.
Dibble, Henry
Eglin, Benjamin
Grout, Frank
Williams, William D.




 Roberts, Bennie
 Robinson, Ray William
 Rodewald, Bert Dick
 Rowley, Leonard R.
 Sager, Ellsworth M.
 Sager, John Emerson
 Schaeffer, George Herman
 Schow, Carter
 Sheaman, Joseph Franklin
 Sheeley, Fred E.
 Sheeley, LeRoy H.
 Short, Walter Alvah
 Simmons, Rollo E.
 Slater, Earl Edgar
 Smith, Alfred Edward
 Snow, Earl
 Stachowiak, Micheal L.
 Stefanski, John Stanley
 Stelter, Wilhelm
 Storm, John Charley
 Sturm, John William
 Swenson, Robert Axel
 Szuberski, Joseph Mike
 Taber, Walter Allen
 True, Harry L.
 True, Howard Victor
 Tyler, Glen
 Tyler, Lloyd John
 Tyler, William Pedelty
 Winn, Lon Harrison
 Winzenburg, Charles Peabody
 Winzenburg, William Henry
 Wood, Rollo George
 Worden, Leon J.
 Zehm, Roy D.
 Zoeller, Charley Fred
 Zoeller, John Henry
 Zoeller, William Albert
 Hartman, Martin Fred
 Hiatt, Clyde Henry
 Hildebrand, Carl
 Hill, Arthur Alman
 Hill, Arthur R.
 Hill, Ray Milton
 Hiller, Otto Hjalmar
 Holtz, Roy
 Jardine, Archie Wallace
 Jeffries, Clair N.
 Jeffries, Roy D.
 Jernberg, Hjalmer E.
 Kasperson, Luie Oliver
 Kelly, Edward P.
 Kesselring, William D.
 Kibbe, Lawrence Allen
 Kimball, Earl
 Lane, Ertle Cory
 Larson, Carl
 Loper, Roy W.
 Loring, Ray Stanley
 Lunde, Oscar Henry
 Madsen, Andrew M.
 Malherek, Joseph
 Malherek, Peter Edward
 Malherek, Robert Maurice
 McNea, Percy Leon
 McNerney, John L.
 Memborg, Anthony
 Meyer, William H.
 Nelson, Chris
 Oliver, Chauncey Ray
 Orbell, Harry Gordon
 Park, Earl Edward
 Pederson, Chris
 Prafke, Frank Albert
 Pulver, Edbert Lyle
 Reineking, William
 Riegel, Samuel Charley

Abbas, Peter
 Adams, Vernon G.
 Anderson, Herbert Clarence
 Anderson, Jens C.C.
 Anderson, Lloyd Raymond
 Andross, Roy Lea
 Becker, Lyle E.
 Behrens, Henry G. C.
 Blachwoski, Peter Joe
 Boynton, Floyd R.
 Brock, Robert R.
 Brummond, Robert J.
 Buchanan, Jesse William
 Campe, Oscar A.
 Carlson, Frank Nathaniel
 Carlson, George David
 Carrol, Micheal J.
 Carrol, Patrick L.
 Chamberlain, Ray C.
 Clark, Harry
 Cook, Burns Elwood
 Cook, Walter Keith
 Courtright, Vernon Claude
 Deinhart, Charley
 Dibble, Ray Bernard
 Ditsworth, Lawrence Edward
 Drager, John A.
 Drake, Harry M.
 Drewes, Fred William
 Drewes, Henry Fred
 Eckerson, Carl A.
 Farm, Andrew August
 Fenton, Charley
 Findley, Gain R.
 Fink, Albert Dean
 Foss, Cyril Basil
 Godfrey, James E.
 Hall, Ray B.
 Hall, Robert C.

Granada World War II Veterans
Oltman, Adolf Henry
Oskerson, Gordon Elmer
Owens, Berl Winfield
Owens, Donald LeRoy
Owens, Herbert Ray
Owens, Sidney Webster
Parsons, Dale H.
Peterson, Harold Virgil
Petschke, Ernest Herman
Pickens, Rolland E.
Pierce, Keith Craig
Pierce, Willard Clifton
Plummer, Murel Joseph
Pope, William H.
Post, Clarence LeRoy
Post, John Christian
Post, William Walter
Potter, Floyd Martin
Potter, Iver William
Pygman, Harlan Frederick
Reineking, Fritz Albert
Richison, Ellsworth John
Richison, Leslie Lyle
Ritter, Alden J.
Rivera, Louis Reynoza
Roberts, Marion Alfred
Roiz, Juan Antonio
Roper, Ronald Raymond
Rosburg, William George
Rosol, Harry Sylvester
Rosol, Raymond Edwin
Rowley, Chester LeRoy
Rudolph, Clemens Phillips
Rudy, Dale Edward
Rudy, Kenneth Erle
Sager, Dewey Herman
Sager, Walter Albert
Salic, Frank Frederick
Saxton, Willis Charles
Schaefer, Herbert G.
Scholander, Anton Virgil
Scholl, James Peter
Senne, Willard John
Sheeley, Gilbert Roscoe
Short, Arden Ramer
Short, Chester Marvin
Smith, Lawrence Paul
Smith, Leon Carrol
Soma, Arnold Jasper
Spencer, Fay M.
Spencer, Jay Morgan
Squire, Chester Lowell
Squire, Darrell Dexter
Squire, Richard Verl
Steele, Clifford Darwin
Sturm, George Jr.
Swenson, Lawrence Robert
Swenson, Norman John
Taylor, Leonard D.
Teaser, Mark Melvin
Teeter, Ray Ruble
Teubner, Marion Frederick
Tomlinson, Robert Lowell
Tonne, Ralph Walter
Tonne, Raymond Louis
Toppenberg, Howard Richard
True, Donald Keith
Turner, Chester Eugene
Van Brunt, Milton Francis
Voyles, Glen Howard
Walters, Jacob Peter
Warriner, Lawrence E.
Warriner, Ralph
West, Wayne
Wiedow, Harry Ruben
Wild, Delbert Kessiner
Winzenburg, George Thomas
Wolter, Donald Richard
Wolter, James
Wood, Donald Leo
Wood, William Andross
Worden, Dwight Kherkuff
Zarling, Clifton Thomas
Zoeller, Lester Fred
Hayworth, Hugh Gordon
Hefler, Harold Ellis
Henry, Claud Deleal
Herrera, Valentine Jr.
Hiatt, Lowell Lavern
Hiatt, William John
Hiller, Betty
Hiller, Joel Orlando
Hiller, Merlyn
Hiller, Robert
Hinz, Bertie Ziemer
Hodgman, Jack Knight
Hodgman, Rupert
Holcomb, Reynold Elwood
Holz, Edward Charley
Houdek, Lumir John
Houseman, Irvin Lloyd
Howard, Wade Rex
Hunter, Thomas
Iliff, Frank Robert
Intlekofer, Ernest Charles
Intlekofer, Wilhemina
Isenberg, Gerald W.
Isenberg, Gordon Leland
Jeter, Eldon Wayne
Johnson, Charles Vanner
Johnson, Claude Donald
Johnson, Earl
Jones, Earle Howard
Jose, Burton Harland
Jose, Donald Wayne
Jurgenson, Donald Elwood
Kellander, Gordon E.
King, Gerald Dean
Klein, Lyle Wayne
Kleinbeck, Robert Wayne
Koons, William Frederick
Kruse, Hans Ferdinand
Kusick, Marland Francis
Landin, Vernald F.
Langford, Roy Randolph
Lester, Everett Richard
Loring, Gerald A.
Lozano, Frank
Luhman, Carl Henry
Luhman, Clarence August
Lutz, Cecil Wayne
Lutz, Leroy Thomas
Lux, Ralph Russell
McDaniel Ralph Charles
McNea, Marlin LeRoy
McNerney, Francis Eugene
Maday, Harry Ambrose
Maday, Norbert Andrew
Madsen, Laurence Clinton
Madsen, Maynard Alvin
Mair, Lyle Duane
Mair, Marrion A.
Malo, Marvin Henry
Martinson, Edwin Joseph
Masters, Carl Delbert
Masters, Fred Arthur
Mead, William Peter
Meeker, Cecil
Meixell, Edward Irving
Melby, Carl Emil
Metz, Waldemer E.
Meyer, Frank Arthur
Michalke, Kenneth Robert
Miller, Guy
Miller, Lloyd H.
Mills, Enos Alan
Miner, Galen E.
Moreno, Masimino I.
Mortensen, Kenneth DeWayne
Nelson, Alvin Udell
Nelson, Vernon
Neubert, Merrill Allen
Newton, Clair Willis
Niemeier, Arvin Wilbert Clarence
Niss, Loren Fred
Norem, Julius Elwood
Older, Harold Keith
Older, Maurice Berton
Older, Raymond Earl
Abel, Arthur Samuel
Abel, Donald Henry
Acox, Carol Oliver
Acox, Walter Esmond
Adams, Donald
Abbas, Peter Hikke
Adams, Virgil Clifford
Allen, Kermit Andross
Anders, Delbert Ernest
Anderson, Franklin Carl
Anderson, Orville Kermet
Anderson, Wilmer Anders
Andross, Rollo Clayton
Appeldorn, Lewis
Baker, Donald Evert
Baker, James Frederick
Balsley, Vergil Harvey
Becker, George Albert
Blachowski, Walter Duane
Blakstad, Charles Burdean
Blom, Russell Joseph
Braun, Karl Rudolph
Brummond, Robert Junior
Bullard, Donald Alvin
Bullard, Lyle Wayne
Burger, Melvin E.
Campe, Dean Fred
Campe, Leonard Oscar Alvin
Campe, Phillip Fred
Carlson, Delmer LaVerne
Carroll, James Edward
Cartwright, Darrel Dwayne
Cartwright, Myrtle Laura
Christianson, Marvin C.
Cinfel, William
Coombes, Harold Eugene
Coombes, Herbert Dean
Coombes, Max Fenton
Coombes, William Luverne
Cowing, Charles
Cowing, Donald
Cowing, Joseph
Cowing, Ruth
Crawford, Walter Earl
Crouch, Glen A.
Dahl, Andrew Nels
Dahl, Fred Christian
Dally, Earl Bernard
Daly, Robert Thomas
Davison, Ray Corporal
Day, Richard William
Decker, Gordon William
Decker, Robert Theodore
Deinhart, Ernest William
Deling, Raymond John
Dobson, Joseph William
Dororhy, Bernard Lyle
Edinger, Robert O.
Edwards, Laurence Gale
Edwards, Robert Dean
Edwards, Stanley LeRoy
Findley, Edgar Alden
Ferguson, Alan Dwight
Foss, Stanley Basil
Foss, Vernon Harley
Fraker, Harvy Lawrence
Francis, Glen Deloss
Garlick, George Washington
Garrison, George Robert
Garrison, Gerald Eugene
Garrison, Harold
Gonsalez, Ben Paul
Graplar, Elmer Christ
Greenstrand, Elwyn Hugh
Greenstrand, Margie Ellen
Gronewald, Max Legore
Hagen, Herman
Hanson, Ellwood Gaylor
Hanson, Gene Kermit
Hanson, Harvey E.
Hanson, James O.
Hanson, Russell R.
Hartman, Elmer August
Hartmann, Wilbert Ernest
Hatch, Lynn Wells
Iraqi War
I am currently unaware of any veterans

Other Granada Veterans
Adams, (Byron?)
Artner, David
Behrens, Omar
Bissonette, Harold
Cartwright, Dwayne
Chaffee, James
Chaffee, Neil

Edinger, Michael
Franzen, Gordon
Garlick, Oliver
Goulson, Elken
Green, Melvin
Kabage, Kenneth
Kotewa, Wayne
Maday, Richard
Maday, Tom
McDonald, Larry
Post, Mike
Ricard, Leland
Rice, Dale
Sparks, Mike
Strauser, Dale
Tompkins, Timothy

Granada Korean War Veterans
Iliff, Maurice
McDonald, Eugene
McNea, Donald M.
Pierce, Ralph
Prafke, Verlon E.
Shay, Donald
Snow, John E.

Granada Vietnam War Veterans
Chaffee, Curtis
DeBoer, Ronald
Godfrey, Gordon K.                                                         Grotte, Mike
Hanning, Gerald
Kooiman, Larry
Tenney, Bruce
Wolter, James L.
Gulf War
Chaffee, Chad
Svoboda, Tom

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