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Granada Post Office, 1906
Granada will be celebrating its Quasquicentennial (125th Anniversary) in June 2013. Please keep checking this page for further details.

 All are welcome and encouraged to attend.
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The first meeting took place on September 26, 2009 at 10am with Melissa Engel, Holly Becker, Lisa Strauser, Denise Jorgenson, Kathy Leet, Dorothy Tompkins, Dewane Mortensen and Chris Hanning. Many ideas were discussed ranging from fund raisers to advertising and what the celebration would entail. A few fund raisers were discussed and some were re-considered due to the fact they could interfere with other local groups. A cook book was discussed and the feeling of the group was to go ahead with that project. Denise and Holly were to attend the next Granada Council meeting and brooch the subject of the 125th Anniversary. Thank you to Holly Becker who brought treats.

The next meeting was on October 10th, 10am . Melissa Engel and Holly Becker were elected as co-chairs and Denise Jorgenson and Kathy Leet as co-treasurers. Attendees were; Mr & Mrs Dewane Mortensen, Melissa Engel, Holly Becker, Kim Shoemaker, Denise Jorgenson, Becky Tonne, Kathy Leet and Chris Hanning. This meeting was more or less a continuation of the first. Again many ideas were discussed. Two offices were voted on, the chair and treasurer.  The treasurers were to look into a financial institute. The cook book was discussed in more detail. Souvenir pottery was brought up. Fund raising was discussed and how to handle advertisers. Information was to be gathered by members and brought to the next meeting. A Sunday was discussed in hopes to allow more people to attend. Sunday November 8th at 3 pm was voted on.

November 8, 2009 3pm: Holly Becker, Melissa Engel, Mr & Mrs Kevin Schleininger and son, Denise Jorgenson, Darliss Green, Kathy Leet and Chris Hanning were in attendance. The First Farmers and Merchants bank was suggested for the convenience of the treasures. A motto for for Granada's yearly celebration was discussed and ideas are to be brought to the next meeting. The City of Granada will provide $1000 towards the 125th Anniversary.

December, 6, 2009 1pm; Melissa Engel, Jeanne Mortensen, Denise Jorgenson, Darlis Green, Kathy Leet & Chris Hanning were in attendance. The cookbook was discussed. It was decided to go with Morris Press. The deadline for recipe submissions was extended to February 28th, 2010. A Taste Test Party may be pursued to give examples of what will be included in the cookbook. After some discussion about which financial institute a motion was made by Chris and seconded by Darlis for Profinium Financial on the basis that that is where the city banks.  A set of souvenir pottery will be produced with a limited edition run and one will be available from 2011 to 2013. 

January 24, 2010 1pm; Informal meeting. Present: Denise Jorgenson, Darlis Green, Kathy Leet, Chris Hanning and Melissa Engel. Discussed the cookbook and getting the recipe sheet out. Denise and Kathy are going to get the bank account opened as soon as time and weather permits. Next meeting set for March 28, 2010, 1PM.

Visit the Granada 125th Facebook page for more updates, attend a meeting or contact Holly Benson at 507-236-2725.