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Granada Post Office, 1906
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Getting down to "brass tacks" the museum could be dated back to about 1978. I really can't remember the exact date I first started to gather history and collect items from Granada but it was around 1976 to 1978. A "museum" of sorts first opened in 1983. The Granada Family Fest celebration and parade began that year. This gave me a reason to display Granada memorabilia and it was located at the south entrance of the Granada-Huntley High School. Subsequent displays were at the GHHS (now GHEC) Cafeteria, Granada American Legion and at the Granada City Hall.

I use 1983 as the museum beginning since that is when I first publicly displayed the items for people to enjoy and reminisce over. The museum's first home was in the original Granada State Bank building. This was purchased in 1987 from Curly and Flo Berhow after they closed their Corner Bar establishment. The timing was perfect since Granada was about to celebrate its centennial in 1988. A permanent home had been found. However, I still had to pack most everything up every fall as I could not afford to heat the building. I could only afford to heat what was once the bank vault.

 Sadly, the United Methodist Church of Granada closed on September 24, 2000. They donated the church building to be used as the Granada Historical Museum. We worked all that fall and winter to get ready for our Grand Reopening in 2001.

The photograph above was taken in the summer of 2007, shortly before the Bell Tower which can be seen lying on its side was erected.

 At this time the museum is open by appointment only. Donations of artifacts and financial support are greatly appreciated. The museum is funded entirely by my wife and I and by visitors who drop cash in the jar. Please contact me at Granada Historical Museum PO Box 115 Granada, MN 56039 or email me.

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